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Kindred Spirit Organics

Kindred Spirit Organics

It is an honor and privilege to be able to finally create a website which allows us to express our passion for our community’s health and well-being.  During a time when it seems humans are constantly battling illness and disease, our health has become the forefront of conversation in politics and around the dinner table.

It was around the year 1998 when we really became aware of the fact that some of our foods and food supplements were in the hands of large corporations who only have one mission, profits.  We decided to take matters into our own hands and start spreading the word about not only eating organically but living organically.  This means supporting local businesses, including farmers.

What started as a small town movement began to spread nationwide.  Today, we see millions of people, ranging in all ages, reaccepting and valuing the idea of sustainable agriculture and supporting local, small business.

What Kindred Spirits Organics has to offer

Through this website, we will now be able to express and share our values of what Organic living means to us.  We will be able to share inspirational stories of small farmers who have stuck with the ideals of true organic farming practices and who also practice sustainable agriculture.

What does “Organic” mean to us?

The term “Organic” has had an interesting metamorphosis over the years.  What may mean organic to some does not necessarily what is reflected in a consumer market.

Through changes in farming techniques such as mass farming, farming families who once never even considered using pesticides or herbicides are now finding that large-scale agriculture is really difficult without them.  However, this should not change what we consider organic.

True Organic gardening should be self-sustaining enough that the gardens themselves are able to fend off pests and molds by living in symbiosis with their surroundings.  By rotating crops and being aware of which vegetables and herbs live well together, our food sources can be prepared to serve us with healthy, bountiful harvests.

Where can you start to live in the Kindred Spirit?

You do not have to start an organic garden today, but the idea should excite you. A really easy start is to buy your goods locally.  This includes hardware goods, clothing, etc.  Another great step in the organic direction is to find any local farms and buy produce from them.  Ask them about their farming techniques and get to know the local farmers.

You’ll be surprised to know that there are many local grocery stores where local farmers sell their produce also.  You’ll find that these vegetables tend to be fresher and taste better.

This will surely inspire you to want to start your own garden at home.  Try to start with some tomatoes. They are pretty easy to grow and tend to have big yields.   Take with your local nurseries to see what grows great in your area and what times of year are ideal.  Typically the spring is planting time and veggies grow throughout the summer.

Whatever step you decide to take, Kindred Spirit Organics are here to support you along your way.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

Peace. Love. Organic.